Featured Speaker - Cathy O'Brien

Cathy O'Brien, born December 4, 1957 in Muskegon, Michigan, is a nationally and internationally recognized recovered White House/Pentagon level MK Ultra mind controlled slave. In 1995, when the National Security Act was invoked on her testimony and evidences for US Congressional Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Oversight, they were released en masse through her best selling book she wrote with Mark Phillips TRANCE Formation of America. Together Cathy and Mark continue to speak out world wide to audiences that historically include law enforcement and mental health professionals, alarmed members of the UN and World Bank, survivors of varying levels of cult/occult and political/military mind control, and free thinkers everywhere.


Cathy became a 'candidate' for MK Ultra due to a dissociative disorder developed from incest that made her a target for mind control. As detailed in TRANCE, Cathy's pedophile father Earl O'Brien sold her into MK Ultra due to his illicit connections into a local Michigan Mafia child pornography ring sanctioned by local politician Gerald Ford. As Ford's political career escalated to include becoming the un-elected president of the US, Cathy's victimization rose proportionately.


Through systematic torture and well documented NASA/military mind control programming, Cathy was forced to do the "unthinkable" and participate in criminal covert CIA activities that funded what Hitler and George Bush termed the "New World Order". She exposes perpeTraitors and operations in which she was forced to participate during the Reagan/Bush Administration in irrefutable detail.


Mark rescued Cathy and her then eight year old daughter, Kelly, from their mind controlled existence in 1988 and took them to the serenity of Alaska where he lovingly began helping Cathy recover her memory and mind to the point of total rehabilitation. Now, driven by love and concern for her daughter's well being and the future of humanity as a whole, Cathy is dedicated to bringing the reality of mind control to light. While the 1947 National Security Act continues to control the "free press" from revealing these facts, Mark and Cathy wrote and released their second international best seller ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security. ACCESS DENIED tells their love story, how they survived to expose criminal corruption on the highest levels, and includes detailed healing methods Mark taught Cathy that people all over the world are applying to themselves to heal from varying levels of abuse, trauma, torture and/or control.


TRANCE, now in its 14th US printing, is in numerous languages and law libraries world wide with ACCESS DENIED following close. Knowledge is our only defense against mind control, and awareness is the first step toward positive change. Learn the truth that makes us free.